Hector Werios professional photographer, advertising photography, wedding photography, and outdoor photos, the photographer for the wedding

Artist photographer Hector Werios - he started as a still photographer on film sets , among other things, in Zbigniew Gajzler , Andrew Maleszka , Jerzy Hoffman , Slawomir Kryński , Peter Trzaskalski and others. He photographic documentation for advertising agencies and film such as Opus movie, ITI Film Studio , J. Walter Thompson Parintex , FGP Film Studio Production , and others. He is also the author of photographic documentation of the concert performers such as : Ich Troje , Blue Cafe , De Mono, caravan , promoters , as well as photo shoots for record label Pomaton Army Music bands or Blue Cafe . In Dubai in the United Arab Emirates Hector Werios worked with many renowned companies like BMW, with extremely popular in the Arab world brands Vespucci (jewelry ) or Rassasi ( exclusive perfume company ) and others. Creates photographs, often starting from graphic design executed in pencil , by building sets, creating images , until the final step which is computer graphics . His photographs have been very successfully used in folders , catalogs and billboards . Activity in the United Arab Emirates gave him new opportunities and possibilities , thanks to favorable contracts found in the Far East - Japan, China, India - creating a creative photograph there for many companies from the hospitality industry nutrition . According to the artist - curiosity about the world and the experience led him to South America. He worked there from Aventura travel agency Turistica Delta - and completed photo essay of expeditions to the Amazon and Orinoco Delta . Works , authors, are a unique combination of drawing and photography, great reconciling the two genres . Photography is created with passion, reveals the artist's imagination and fantasy . This type of photography has been used to unusual images that successfully conjures Hector . In his spare time he sits with pencil in hand and creates a unique great drawings . Hector :) with great pleasure watching your work and ślidzimy steps on the map ;) AJ Kahney :)


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