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Wedding photography

Photo - Hector Werios

If interested, Wedding Photography ( wedding sessions , a report from the wedding ) I invite you to: www.studiopara.com   www.hectorweriosart.com

Session wedding ( wedding photos ) is organized in a place and on a date mutually agreed by us after your wedding to have a lot of time creating photographs. I divide the session into three parts. The first is the portraits , very simple in its construction, it is often desired by parents , grandmothers , aunts , etc. :) Part two images is our common ideas about eg the photos and places such as city gates, interior , traveled to the mountains , the sea ​​, abroad or in the woods :) In the third part , completely surrender to my ideas . I'm taking you to my place , surrender to my suggestion concerning various systems and are invented scenes . Wedding photography is created in the interiors , cars , streets and wherever fancy takes us . Of course, throughout our photo shoot I'm open to your suggestions , because it happens that a young couple has their own ideas and I try to help you in your vision of the photo. Often applies to this session slightly erotic :) I assume that we all need to be satisfied and happy with the photo session. Young the pictures and I think I can safely boast of them :)

Hector organized us a photo session after our wedding. Do not left anywhere outside of our city , but took us to such places , I was amazed at how he invented them . The session lasted from noon until about two in the morning , we were completely exhausted , and claimed that Hector has any ideas . How does he draw this energy ! After a few days I got the photos and the mega impressed. Hector you Master ! Goshia and Tom.


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