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Photo - Hector Werios

Magical Ruins of the Municipal Theatre Victoria in Gliwice continually capture the imagination . This happened a lot in them : performances, exhibitions , concerts. Just before many years ago, artists Silesian Philharmonic performed with freshly still score the music for Francis Coppola's " Dracula ", composed by Wojciech Kilar. Music enthused , but Dracula somewhere in the Ruins hid . Because why suddenly the thought came to us to prepare a special show about vampires and ghouls . Our monsters will not be particularly troublesome , because derived from musicals , songs and other artistic sources. But we take them very seriously. In September 2013 just in Victoria held a series of meetings with them. Preparations for the show have already begun. In the studio of the artist - photographer , Hector Weriosa , a striking pictorial imagination , held its first session , during which the young dancer Maciej Trumpet portrayed the demonic but handsome vampire , dressed in a costume designed by Janina Łubkowską and disguised by Edith Bratkowska . Inspired to support this group of special effects expert Mark Almond . Total patiently watched the show director Paul Gabara . In April will be another photo session , which Hector Werios planned in the scenery of the Gliwice Old Town streets . Director of Musical Theatre Gliwice Paul Gabara.


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