Hector Werios professional photographer, advertising photography, wedding photography, and outdoor photos, the photographer for the wedding

Photography - Hector Werios

For Dream Factory Sętowski Tom - Tom Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and of course Marquis, who became a very important figure in the creation of these our photographs.

Hector met several years ago at the Museum of the Imagination. I knew it was a photographer, but I did not think so until, that is, with a really great imagination and artistic sense. Marek Adamusiński after the first conversation with him was convinced that Hector can work when creating jewelry directories - successfully. With Hector also met in Dubai on the occasion of my exhibitions. Something tried to create there, but for lack of time these our creation has fallen by the wayside. I recently visited me in Czestochowa, insisted that something must creatively work. So he invented a photo shoot for me and our awning. Knowing Hector's approach to working with images, without hesitation agreed to the session. Yours!
Tom Sętowski - painter artist


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