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 Photo - Hector Werios

"I dreamt of the professional photo session which will be presenting my sports fascination for the classic bodybuilding. For the realization of this dream two things had to happen; first it is achieving by me the decent form letting for presenting the fine-tuned musculature; second - a photographer combining the professionalism, artistic passion and understanding my expectations had to appear on the dear. It isn't enough Hektor Werios, that is combining all these attributes, it is a guy, with which the cooperation is challenge and pleasure simultaneously. The effect of the Hektor’s work made a huge impression on me, and hence my dream was fulfilled. I value such values as professionalism and passion, I value Hektor for his remarkable talent and the personality. I hope that these are a beginning of the splendid cooperation and acquaintances. Matt Mayevsky The fourth place on the Polish Championship in the classic bodybuilding NAC 2012 Świecie." "I reject the past, put it in the coffin of history. I reject the status quo, a compromise blocking progress. We live in times when the present is fused with the future. Tomorrow is today. Tomorrow is more real than now. The real world shrank to sizes of the global village, and virtual world is widening incessantly as the outer space. When I told Hektor a topic session titled Futurism, at first confused it with industrialism. Finally, our glossary of terms and phrases has been adapted to the situation and we take care of implementation. Hektor joined creative turbocharging. As soon as he felt the vision, already started swapping me over as the exhibit item, here, there, somewhere. In his mind already flashed flashes, and up to me to just set a maximum unnaturally, to the picture that came up artistically and ... naturally. Hektor’s world is extremely interesting. The same as world of the future. You never know what you'll be surprised …"

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