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Photo - Hector Werios

Arrapao Midnight Band was formed in 2006 like a joke at the beginning. The first live was in Rethimno at the anti racism festival in the park.
Immediately they had a very good feedback from the people and then start really playing all over the island, in Crete and also in the rest of Greece.
The band repertory is mainly 60's and 70's Rock and Blues covers and originals songs. 
The Band also participated in a lot of Festivals all over the island, for Pankritia Motorcycle club, Harley Davidson’s club and many benefits festivals where they are often invited and it has been asked of them all the time in many different occasions....
The Band also participate in The Matala Hippies Reunion as Headliners for the first and more important night but not only, they were also collaborating for all the Music Festival organization and invite most of the Bands that played in 3days, as well for the next year festival they already start working for it...
Arrapao Midnight like to thanks Hektor Werios for his patience to work with crazy guys like us and make us look cool….. We love you man!!! We hope to see you soon and work again with you:) 

Arrapao Midnight are:

Luigi: Guitar and Vocals
Roberto: Bass guitar and Vocals
Theo: Drums 
Ennio: Sound console


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