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Photography - Hector Werios

Actress, dancer, teacher of theater. A graduate of the School of Acting. Halina and Jan Machulski and Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University Philology Poland in Warsaw. She participated in numerous workshops with dancers and choreographers from Polish, German, French and Italian. She played a guest appearance on the stage of Lodz theaters: studio, New and Logos. She collaborated with Anna Ciszowską, Peter Krukowski, Janusz Stolarski, Catherine tecka, James Snochowskim, Slawomir Krawczyńskim, Andrzej Maria Marczewski and Sylvester Biraga. Currently actress Theatre Second Zone. Working with Hector is a real pleasure! This is a man who during the session does not impose his vision, but still offers new, creative solutions. It gives the actor the freedom and time to extract your personality. It is professional, yet very patient and has a great sense of humor :-) Provides valuable advice, which are reflected in the next stage of the work and the final result. She also tries to bring out the actor his naturalness, as well as the most interesting cechy.Cieszę that I had the opportunity to work with a professional - passionate about. Thanks Hector :) Sandra Stencel - Actor


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