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Photography Hector Werios

I played in the first film etude with seven years ( and took part in more than 30stu etudes ) , from this moment my thinking about the film has taken concrete. I began intensively to move in this great world of art secrets , intuitively recognize this principle of work, and I began to understand the basic concepts. I entered willingly into every project with great respect for the majesty of art, many learned and understood many of the hard work of the actor. I'm an actress who valued a professional approach to work. Since childhood I have contact with artistic circles . I had occasions to take the first steps on the road under the watchful care professional artistic Iwona Siekierzyński and Krzysztof Kieslowski . Came into contact with many professional artists. I work now in Theatre , willingly takes on the role characteristic , as well as those that pose some challenge. In life there are times when we are grateful to fate for it , whom we meet on our way. There are a few people in my life , to them will be Hector . Man unusual , intriguing, empathetic , very human and at the same time with great imagination and soul of a true artist . This is an excellent professional. Perfectly moves in different styles , and at the same time with great class . From simple to sophisticated compositions . Superbly sense restraint and economy of form , able to work on the micro - detail, and it is the biggest art. Beautifully uses light, which immediately inspires confidence and gives you a huge comfort at work. Dziękitej unique art lighting control , we can be confident that Hector will extract the first results. I highly recommend ! Sylwia Karczmarczyk - actor.


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