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Photo - Hector Werios

Marcin Zarzeczny , actor, theater scholar , a graduate of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw , the National Study of Acting in Olsztyn and the Study of Music . Born in Kraśnik in 1984. Diploma actor received in 2006. He collaborated with theaters : Polish Szczecin , Olsztyn Jaracz , Dramatic Wałbrzych, the People in Krakow and Warsaw's : The Will, Label and Comedy . Currently working with Artistic Agency Jerzy Bończak Comedy, Theatre Second Stage Lublin Zone and In Vitro . Award-winning actor in Lublin , Gdansk , Czestochowa and Albania. Since I remember acting was my dream . Always I appreciated the enormity of the form in which you can embody and experience the way of life of different, often sensational people. Create a role for me is a fascinating challenge , regardless of its size . This work would not be so impressive if not for the people with whom I worked and who many have made in my workshop in theaters ( Krakow , Szczecin , Walbrzych , Olsztyn and Warsaw ) and on film sets . Currently preparing for the lead role in the feature film , which will premiere in the fall of 2013. I allow myself to throw in a conversation with Hector , which took place shortly after I saw the pictures from our session : " Hector ! Remember when we talked today about the great men in the history of the world, we estimated them at 20 , you're twenty-first ! The pictures are phenomenal. You are a master of light ! Your painting skills are ubiquitous , your sense of light , climate , general composition is perfect. Due to typical actor I am very grateful to you for the fact that you captured in each photograph another Zarzecznego . This is by far my best photo shoot ever! I'm delighted . " I am convinced that anyone who chooses to session with Hector , he will have the same perception as me. Werios is a master .


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