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Photo - Hector Werios

Dorothy Chwedorowicz - Actress, theater educator , cultural animator , artist , designer . A graduate of the Acting School Halina and Jan Machulski and the Academy of Special Education . Grzegorzewska direction Pedagogy with specialization in socio-cultural animation . In addition, she completed studies in stage design technician . He is vice-president of the International Association of Artistic Initiatives EduTeArt and founder of Theatre XL . She has participated in many theater workshops and vocal with directors and musicians from Polish , France, Germany , Spain and Russia. She played and sang on stage featuring Warsaw theaters such as Congress Hall , Theatre, Comedy , Theatre Ramp, Old Powder House Theatre and Theatre 144 and La Petit Theatre in Grenoble . She collaborated with Anna Dziedzic , Catherine tecka , Sylvester Biraga , Andrzej Maria Marczewski , Stephen Szczykno , Marcin Wrona , Peter Wawer , Olga Stachwiuk , Sergey Timofeev . Currently actress Theatre Second Zone .

Hector Werios photographer is an artist who paints pictures on their beautiful paintings. It has an incredible imagination and intuition. Superbly operates light. He knows what effect he wants to achieve, so that he can bring out the actor what he said is the most interesting . During the session, gives the actor the opportunity to show their personality , which inspires him to perpetuate the photograph the most interesting moments . He approaches his work with great commitment and diligence . It is professional in every way. At the same time it is incredibly likeable and funny man , where you can feel very comfortable. We are pleased to work with the person from which beats the passion and satisfaction with what he does . This inspires further action. When Hector asked me from the very beginning of the session is extremely glad . His images come to me . Evoke in me a very positive emotions. Watching some of the albums I felt as if my mouth melted milk chocolate with pieces of strawberry pstrykającymi I was very curious what will come out of our cooperation. That is why I am delighted to have had the pleasure of working with Hector . Thank you for this time and the results of work that positively surprised me. Dorothy Chwedorowicz - Actor


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