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Photography - Hector Werios

For the production of these images thanks: Kasi Rubinkowskiej for make-up, Mark Almond for the beautiful yellow light and tiny effects p Edytce and Gerard-they know what :)

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the session lens Hector Werios . Beats from him not only a powerful professionalism , but also serenity , patience . His frenetic approach meant that the model does not have to feel as someone who is only photographed and this is her job . There was a lot of fun and laughter. The atmosphere is so completely devoid of embarrassment , and when the man is playing well . As I said - patience is a huge asset to this man , even not even feel the time pressure ! At any time can help , has a head full of ideas, able to advise on posing, clothing , etc. , and is extremely important for models who are just starting their adventure with modeling . At the same time - an incredible perfectionist . It focuses on every detail . Thus, his pictures are fine-tuned ' to the last button ' . Hector is a photographer, in which you can see the love and passion for what he does . You can see that puts your heart in it , and of course - undeniable talent . All the pictures are the climate, are exceptional. I want to thank you for the excellent cooperation , for the atmosphere , which can not be forgotten , a new experience, implementation of the me 'to ' all and end - wonderful pictures . I am glad that I could meet a man like Hector, who infects his enthusiasm , diligence and passion for what he does . Absolutely recommended! Carolina :)



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