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Photo - Hector Werios

Beata Boyko - actress, teacher, instructor theater. For 15 years involved with the Association of Second Zone, a graduate of the Theatre School of Cultural Studies and the Association of Second Zone. She graduated from the Teacher Training College and a three-year undergraduate at the University of Warsaw on the faculty of pedagogy. Since 1999, the actress Theatre Second Zone. He has more than 20 theater roles. As a theater instructor and educator participated in many educational projects for children and youth. It works with local house of culture in Warsaw and Family Children's Home in the Warsaw area. As an actress participated in various theater festivals both in Polish and outside the country, playing both in Polish and English and French. In 2009 she was awarded an honorary Minister of Culture Merit for Polish Culture.

I had the undoubted pleasure to work with Hector twice and both times were very enjoyable, not only because of the fun we had but also because of the very professional approach to Hector's what he does. Hector knows what is expected from the model and is able to manage it fantastic, is extremely precise in what he does, gives a clear explicit directions, which significantly facilitates cooperation. With this Hector is very warm and polite form, takes care of a person with whom it cooperates, can put a comfortable atmosphere while working without losing anything and nothing on professionalism. Beata Boyko


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