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Project - La Millou - Hector Werios

Since it was founded two years ago, La Millou has achieved a significant position on the Polish market of blankets/quilts and accessories for children, confirmed by a high brand recognition, dynamic sales and an enthusiastic reception of thousands of mums all over Poland.


“Products by La Millou have brought a new quality, first of all with regard to characteristic design, quality of materials and workmanship.”


The media, both local and national, have become interested in La Millou’s products. Our products have been presented on television, in the press and on the Internet.

Since the beginning of 2012, Smartino has cooperated with one the prettiest and most popular Polish actresses, Anna Mucha. Together, they have developed a limited product collection: La Millou by Anna Mucha.


La Millou has been building up contacts with distributors all over Europe and in Russia. Our products have been successfully sold in the UK and we also plan an expansion in Russia and neighboring countries.


We invite you to La Millou’s world.    


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