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Livpolis drawing Hector Werios

Pencil drawing on paper , in the format of 80 cm to 50 cm. Finding a beautiful woman named Liv in the old town .

The contract for the first drawing Hector consist of a shyness and caution. Hector , in response to my hesitation , he showed me his earlier work , which I really liked and convinced to to trust him and rely on his intuition. It turned out later that it was a very good decision. The end result exceeded my expectations. Figure presented Livpolis city , whose Gothic buildings in conjunction with countless different characters , objects, animals and symbols make up the unique atmosphere of this drawing . In the center of the figure is a mysterious face that his penetrating gaze intimidates the viewer. The vast amount of detail makes it even after a few months after his suspension discovering in it new and interesting motifs . It's hard to believe that this has been made ​​a little pencil , and that in general there is someone who has such incredible patience to do something like that . I have found that Hector is a unique and extraordinary artist. Also, this is an unusual and interesting man who creates under the influence of lived emotions and personal fascination. I think his work beyond excellent aesthetic also have a soul ... Drawing on the advice of Hector was framed in a silver frame with a graphite- Mat which further emphasized its unique beauty. For my part, I was left only to find on this graphics suitable place at home. The decision was not difficult and could only be one , was suspended in the best place so far my disposal , that is in the center of the living room. The wall , which was painted hanging on a graphite color. Image made with a pencil , silver frame , graphite wall and modern interior gave MEGA effect that changed in an instant the whole living room. In return I can only recommend the work of Hector , which I'm sure that it will change your homes . Robert H.


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