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Efforpolis drawing Hector Werios

Pencil drawing on paper , in the format of 80 cm to 50 cm. Created by long two months , inspired by a stay in Paris. Walking between buildings in the Gothic style (my personal favorite ) , always on the horizon had the Eiffel Tower :)

The second figure of Hector ordered under the influence of his first work, which for me has created . I liked it so much that I decided to order another one. I wanted to be in a similar climate to the first graphics, done in pencil - " Livpolis " . As a result, the city received a drawing of Efforpolis , whose Gothic buildings as a result of the disaster disintegrate . Through the city rushing locomotive pulling the old wagons in a colonial style . Crumbling city , rushing locomotive in conjunction with many symbolic elements cause the picture is very dynamic and extremely interesting. Figure includes countless details, which you can stare at for hours. This work is framed in a silver frame with a graphite- Mat is a true pride of my home, which fits in perfectly with its modern interior . Hector Werios is a respected artist and I recommend his work to anyone who wants to have a home something absolutely unique and original. Robert H.


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